Thank you to the following partners for making the Stepping Up Stewardship Toolkit possible!


Thank you to Stu, Bret, and the rest of the team at Relish Studio for designing the Stepping Up Stewardship website! Relish is a 1% for the Planet company and a member of the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance (COBA).

Highland Communication Works

The Guides and Supplemental Materials contained in the Marketing & Communications Module were developed by Linda Lidov of Highland Communication Works, an independent, Denver-based consultancy offering PR and communication services for organizations focused on environmental conservation, social and economic justice, and community development initiatives. Linda also assisted in the planning process of the Stepping Up Stewardship toolkit and in writing the other modules’ guides.

Terry Richey Consulting

The business model for the Stepping Up Stewardship toolkit was created with guidance from Terry Richey of Terry Richey Consulting, who aims to strengthen nonprofit growth through his two decades of experience in leading marketing and fundraising programs at The Nature Conservancy, Feeding America, the Special Olympics, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Volunteer Photographers

The images you see on the Stepping Up Stewardship website, as well as within the Guides, were generously provided by VOC’s volunteer photographers:

  • Alicyn Lane
  • Andrew Nush
  • Ashley Tiedgen
  • Carmille Garcia
  • Cheryl Phillips
  • Christine Carlson
  • Ciarra Hill
  • Cindy Bond
  • Cynda Green
  • Daniel Ellersdorfer
  • David J. Kennedy
  • Beth Reed
  • Ilene Schwartz
  • Jacky Price
  • Jason J. Hatfield
  • Jenny Zichterman
  • Julie Majors
  • Kayla Ferguson
  • Kelly Bessette
  • Kim Mock
  • Liz Brown
  • Marc Bergman
  • Mikel Guidos
  • Mirella Davis
  • Nicki Rahn
  • Sara Abdullah
  • Sue Daniels Photography
  • Trudy Burri