Dean Winstanley

Director of Statewide Stewardship

Dean was born and raised in Colorado joining VOC in June 2013 as the Director of Programs, bringing significant and relevant experience as a public land manager, a long-time VOC partner and previous Board of Directors member.

Prior to VOC, Dean was the Director of the Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation for almost four years along with over 20 years of state government experience in public policy, planning and program development. He has authored a best-selling travel book, The Colorado Guide, currently in its 6th edition.

Today, Dean serves as the Director of Statewide Stewardship which entails working with land management agencies to effectively meet their stewardship needs, directing VOC’s training program through the Outdoor Stewardship Institute and hosting the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition for statewide capacity building and collaboration. Dean also manages VOC’s partnership office located in the San Luis Valley.