Jazmyn Winzer

Volunteer Relations Coordinator

Jazmyn Winzer is the Volunteer Relations Coordinator for Volunteers of Outdoor Colorado. As the Volunteer Relations Coordinator, Jazmyn is responsible for engaging with the public to promote and strengthen VOC’s outdoor stewardship field programs. She works closely with the VOC Project Team to recruit and retain volunteers, trainees, and other field program participants. In this position Jazmyn’s primary goal is to nurture VOC’s community by continuously seeking to deepen volunteer and trainee experience. Her passion for science communication and outreach will allow Jazmyn to meet the needs of the volunteers and the organization while her continued work in community science and inclusion lets her communicate with anyone interested in stewardship.

Jazmyn recently graduated from the University of Arizona’s College of Science with a major in Biology and a minor in Africana Studies. During her undergrad Jazmyn worked closely with the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the School of Natural Resources on plants and insects. Most of her research focused on pollinators, urban green spaces, and natural history. Additionally, she was a College of Science ambassador, active member in Women in Science and Medicine, and an Insect Discovery volunteer.

In her spare time Jazmyn does macrophotography and works closely with schools and museums on presentations and articles for children. When she isn’t getting an up close and personal view of insects, she spends her day watching the Big Bang Theory and walking her dog Cupcake. A newbie to Colorado, Jazmyn hopes to hike the Colorado Trail and build a balcony garden that will be the envy of all Cherry Creek.