Putting VOC’s experience to work for you.

Colorado, a state defined by its mountains, parks and open spaces, knows firsthand how hard it is to maintain the quality of these spectacular places. Caring for the outdoors now and into the future requires a significant shift in all our efforts.

Hands-on volunteer experiences are one of the most powerful means of creating a caring public, but we are challenged today by a lack of organizations and people to help maintain our natural places.

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) is developing and sharing proven and effective guides and practices to enable others – in Colorado and elsewhere –  to take on more of this critical boots-on-the-ground work.

The resources available throughout this toolkit – free guides, hands-on trainings and customized consulting – can help you start, expand or enhance your outdoor stewardship volunteer programs.

With more of us actively caring for the outdoors, we will ensure the next generation will find these outdoor places at least as good – if not better – than what we inherited.

Featured Partner

The Statewide Stewardship Initiative, a year-long planning process undertaken by the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition (COSC) with generous funding from Great Outdoors Colorado, recently released the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Best Practices Guide.

The guide was collaboratively written by experts in the field of natural resources management representing a variety of non-profit organizations and agencies including: HistoriCorps; Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado; Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Parks and Wildlife; Jefferson County Open Space; and the US Forest Service.

Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition